PEOPLESCOUT’S RESPONSE TO COVID-19: Working Together to Prevent, Protect and Contain

PEOPLESCOUT’S RESPONSE TO COVID-19: Working Together to Prevent, Protect and Contain

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Response
March 17, 2020

At PeopleScout and the broader TrueBlue organisation, the health and well-being of our employees and clients around the globe is our top priority. We are operating with an abundance of caution to keep our employees and clients safe during the fast-evolving coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak. We also stand committed to supporting our clients and suppliers through this time.

The PeopleScout and TrueBlue crisis response team is monitoring the situation closely both globally and locally in the UK and adjusting our internal policies in alignment with global, government and local health organisations.

Policy Approach: In setting policies and taking action related to the coronavirus, our intent is, at a minimum, to follow guidance from relevant authorities including the UK Government and NHS. When additional or more extensive actions are prudent in light of the nature of our operations, we will do more than the standard guidance suggests to safeguard our employees.

Information Sharing: We have established a coronavirus information hub for our employees to make it easy for them to stay informed and protected with access to safety recommendations, frequently asked questions and links to useful resources. In addition, we have a UK coronavirus email address for employees to raise their concerns and share information about their specific needs and risks. We also are producing a regular cadence of outbound communications to ensure our employees are kept up to date on policy changes and critical developments and how we are changing workplace practices to align with government direction. We have posted our coronavirus response statement on our website and will continue to update this in line with developments in the UK and global markets.

Healthy Work Environment: As part of our usual protocol, PeopleScout promotes a healthy work environment by encouraging sick employees to stay home and by providing office cleaning services and hygiene supplies such as hand sanitizers. As part of our coronavirus response, we have implemented enhanced environmental hygiene measures and are regularly sharing and reinforcing the measures recommended by the health authorities to help protect against coronavirus. Self-isolation practices are in place to contain any potential spread of the virus amongst employees.

Travel Policy: We have temporarily suspended international travel and have restricted all non-critical domestic travel. Employees who have traveled to high-risk areas will be asked to work from home. Our goal is to reduce the risk that anyone at PeopleScout might contract or inadvertently spread the virus. These policy changes are important steps to help minimise the spread of coronavirus. We will continue to monitor the situation and adjust this policy as additional information becomes available from world health authorities.  

Business Continuity: PeopleScout has well-planned and documented capabilities for continuing to provide world-class service to our clients no matter what challenges we may experience in our work environments. This includes crisis-management, emergency response and business continuity plans, as well as client-specific protocols. Our global delivery centers and virtual teams provide a great deal of flexibility about where work is performed, and our client-specific plans take into account our work sites as well as our clients.

Work From Home Policy: The vast majority of PeopleScout employees are equipped to work from home, which provides us with a great deal of flexibility in the event that the situation calls for worksite restrictions. Work from home protocols are part of our business continuity plans and will be implemented as needed at PeopleScout and client locations in the event of elevated risk, mandated social distancing measures or changes to client policies.

Each client team is now mostly working from separate locations, thereby reducing the risk of any single team becoming ineffective but, in the event that any team’s capability is significantly reduced, we have scheduled frequent internal calls to allow work to flow to resources in the business that will enable us to continue to deliver our normal services.

We have tested home working from all our key locations within client teams and have now implemented a work from home model for the majority of our employees at all of our facilities, ensuring that we can provide continuity of service for all of our customers and from our suppliers. Work from home protocols are part of our business continuity plans and are being implemented as needed at PeopleScout.

We have been in contact with our key suppliers including media and technology partners to ensure that, like us, they have planned for continuing operating effectiveness and we will continue to monitor their readiness and business continuity plans.

PeopleScout is committed to supporting our clients’ current needs and emerging needs through the coronavirus outbreak. First and foremost, our commitment is to continue to deliver excellent service while communicating transparently. That begins with regular sharing of our response to coronavirus and continues with ongoing communication about how coronavirus is impacting the markets in which we operate and sharing any specific threats to supply.

Additionally, many organisations have already experienced significant impact to business demand and operations. At PeopleScout and TrueBlue, we are committed to nimbly supporting our clients through this situation.

If you have a specific question related to your situation, please email and we will respond to you directly.