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A Managed Service Provider (MSP) program is an impactful way for employers to manage all or part of their contingent workforce. For nearly two decades, PeopleScout MSP solutions have empowered organisations to efficiently source, engage, fulfill, measure and manage specialised contingent workers and externally sourced labour with strong program governance and integrity.

PeopleScout MSP solutions support temporary, temp-to-hire, direct hire, direct sourcing, payrolling, independent contractor (1099) administration, statement of work engagements and other complex services across all skill categories and geographies—managing the contingent staffing lifecycle from requisition through invoicing and payment. By establishing and following consistent processes, PeopleScout MSP helps organisations stay compliant with all labour regulations and requirements.

By partnering with leading Vendor Management Systems (VMS), we automate order distribution to suppliers, consolidate billing and facilitate timecard approval and payment. With Affinix™, our proprietary talent technology platform, PeopleScout MSP provides talent analytics and reporting on metrics, trends and market intelligence around your contingent workforce to inform better decision-making.

At PeopleScout, we combine expertise in staffing and supplier management with a technology-bolstered, culture-driven, and diversity-focused partnership approach that will move your business forward.


Every MSP provider claims they can achieve cost reduction and compliance. Unlike other providers, PeopleScout’s high-touch MSP partnerships delivers consultative insights and creative problem-solving that challenges the status quo.

That’s why we’ve ranked in the top five MSPs for customer satisfaction in all categories of HRO Today’s MSP Baker’s Dozen for six consecutive years.

Boosted by Technology 

Boosted by Technology 

Our MSP team is experienced in partnering with leading Vendor Management System (VMS) technologies so you can continue to leverage your existing investment. Plus, Affinix integrates with any VMS technology. With Affinix Analytics you get interactive dashboards that provide real-time data on supplier performance, spend and worker management for a holistic view of your contingent workforce program. Plus, AI and machine learning bring in market intelligence and competitive benchmarking to best position your brand. 

Fueled by Culture 

Fueled by Culture 

PeopleScout MSP teams will immerse themselves in your culture as proactive partners and strategic advisors. As an extension of your internal team, we focus on customizing our processes, so they align with your business needs, roadmap goals, culture and DE&I initiatives. Our high-touch approach means that whether we’re establishing supplier relationships on your behalf or hand-picking them from our network, we recommend suppliers based on your culture and specific talent requirements—never simply to increase spend.  

Energized by Diversity 

Energized by Diversity 

We partner with you to understand your internal diversity, equity and inclusion (DE&I) goals and implement a supplier SLA to support your initiatives. Over 30% of our supplier community is certified diverse, including payroll suppliers for your pre-identified contingent labor. Many of these suppliers have capabilities for sourcing niche talent to ensure that your diversity exposure and spend requirements are met. Whether you want to hire more women, support veterans or increase cultural diversity, PeopleScout aligns, tracks and reports on each supplier to support your business. 

PeopleScout MSP Solutions

Benefits of a Managed Service Provider (MSP)

PeopleScout’s MSP approach offers the expertise, technology, resources and grit to solve your toughest staffing challenges and help you build a contingent workforce with the best talent. Our MSP solutions go beyond the cost controls and process administration typical of standard MSP programs to a uniquely transparent approach to partnership that will move your business forward.

  If your current contingent staffing strategies are no longer working for you, consider making the switch to PeopleScout MSP.

Let's Take on your Toughest Challenges

Let’s Take on your Toughest Challenges

Every aspect of our end-to-end MSP solutions, from payroll and IC Management to leading VMS technology, have been designed to navigate a contingent labour landscape with more demanding challenges than ever before.

Shared Best Interests

Shared Best Interests

PeopleScout never supplies labour directly. Instead, we work with a carefully curated network of staffing partners whose performance is continuously optimised using a proprietary scoring system and supplier dashboard.

Nimble Yet Disciplined

Nimble Yet Disciplined

For nearly two decades, PeopleScout MSP solutions have helped clients to efficiently source, engage, fulfill, measure and manage specialised categories of the contingent workforce and externally sourced labour with strong program governance and integrity.

Leader in MSP Customer Satisfaction

Leader in MSP Customer Satisfaction

PeopleScout provides consistent, quality service through centralised communication and technology. Our industry-leading reputation for customer satisfaction comes from our 24/7 concierge-level service, client-first approach and vertically aligned teams.

Tech Built for the Future of Contingent Labour

Tech Built for the Future of Contingent Labour

We leverage new and emerging technologies to create industry-leading solutions for your talent ecosystem. We start by partnering with leading Vendor Management Systems (VMS) and combine that with Affinix™, our proprietary talent technology platform.

Your Global Talent Partner From Now to Next

Your Global Talent Partner From Now to Next

PeopleScout is committed to helping you anticipate what’s next to stay ahead of the curve through workforce planning, innovation, process audits and more. An MSP partnership with PeopleScout unlocks benefits that will provide you with the edge in the people business for years to come.


Every year since the inception of the MSP Baker’s Dozen, PeopleScout has earned its place as an industry leader through its innovative and consultative approach to MSP. As organisations look to MSP and Total Workforce Solutions models, PeopleScout continues to be one of only a few top choices in the market for this rapidly growing holistic approach to workforce services.

Elliot Clark, CEO and Chairman
SharedXpertise & HRO Today
Affinix™ Analytics MSP INSIGHTS


Affinix™ Analytics MSP INSIGHTS

Affinix integrates with VMS technology to harness the power of analytics, creating clear visibility across your contingent workforce and other labour channels for a total workforce view. Embedded within PeopleScout’s talent solutions, Affinix is a robust platform that delivers speed and scalability to our MSP clients while leveraging artificial intelligence, machine learning, automation, predictive analytics and more.



Using a proven evaluation framework, PeopleScout ranks suppliers against client’s contingent workforce priorities and cost, quality and compliance benchmarks. Our strong supplier management focus allows PeopleScout to optimise your supply base across all job categories and geographies to drive industry-leading performance and customer service.

As your MSP, monitoring SLAs with suppliers ensures continued performance, compliance and visibility into spend. We consistently meet or exceed our supplier SLAs, so whether we are establishing relationships on your behalf or choosing them from our supplier network, we will work across all job categories and geographies to get you the best labour at the best price.
Our scoring system is based on feedback from various inputs that align with quality, compliance and cost criteria. Our supplier partners are added to the network only after a complete evaluation and selection process ensuring the optimal fit for our client engagements.



We provide seamless program implementation and a well-defined contingent labour management program governance strategy—then deliver on that commitment. This is a promise we take seriously, and that our clients trust us to keep.

The PeopleScout MSP team is dedicated to ensuring that each implementation supports business continuity throughout the entire contingent workforce process, from formulating objectives for the overall program to transitioning it to the team who will manage suppliers and the contingent workforce on a daily basis.

Once a contingent labour management program is in place, our centralised risk-management team oversees compliance across the entire scope of your contingent labour program and works relentlessly on your behalf to mitigate risk associated with your contingent workforce. We remain on top of emerging trends and legislation that may influence employers’ ability to attract, retain and engage the contingent workforce and apply this intelligence to a comprehensive risk matrix.


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Frequently Asked Questions about MSP

A Managed Services Program (MSP) is an impactful way for organisations to manage all or part of their contingent workforce. PeopleScout MSP manages the end-to-end contingent talent lifecycle, from requisition to payment. Additionally, by partnering with leading vendor management systems (VMS), we deliver visibility to your entire contingent workforce.   

Advantages of an MSP include:   

  • Consistent process across all locations
  • Vetted supplier network and monitoring controls
  • Experienced technology partner
  • Compliance with labour regulations, governance, physical/cyber security
  • Visibility to program spend and cost savings
  • Market and talent analytics

Learn all about MSP in our Managed Service Provider 101 overview 

MSP programs often rely on contingent workforce spend minimums to make it a cost-effective and self-sufficient option. Yet, several variables may determine whether partnering with PeopleScout through an MSP solution is appropriate for your company. Consider the following:  

  • Does your organisation have several locations, numerous procurement methods or other decentralised processes?   
  • Does your company have procedures for vetting, standardising, monitoring and controlling your supplier community?  
  • Does your internal contingent workforce program control costs and deliver on time?  
  • Does your company currently have a VMS tool that provides visibility through reports and dashboards?  

With PeopleScout MSP, you can:

Control costs

  • Reduced mark-up and bill rate inconsistencies  
  • Market analytics to stay competitive for top talent  
  • Increased 
    program usage to prevent rogue spend  
  • Reduced internal admin costs

Increase compliance 

  • Quarterly supplier audits  
  • Compliance with corporate policies for onboarding  
  • Supplier accountability to ensure workers are cleared to start  
  • Standard accounting practices for invoicing  

Reduce risk

  • Consistent contract terms for suppliers  
  • Indemnification  
  • Employment eligibility attestation  
  • Reduced misclassification of workers  
  • Consistent safety policy adherence and reduced incidents  

Improve supplier management

  • Optimised supply base to support lines of business and locations  
  • Quantitative performance metrics and supplier scorecards  
  • Diversity spend goals with suppliers  

Streamline processes 

  • Visibility into your temporary workforce
  • Governance
  • Process efficiencies and streamlining
  • Report and analytics

PeopleScout MSP works in tandem with your internal procurement or HR teams to support your contingent workforce program. For all work arrangements, including contingent labour (in every job category), direct hire/direct sourcing, payrolled talent, 1099/IC and SOW, PeopleScout MSP is responsible for the day-to-day management of your contingent workforce strategy. Our Project Management Office (PMO) team monitors compliance adherence and looks for opportunities to create more value. We optimise your flexible work arrangements for full visibility and control including the requisition lifecycle, supply chain management, invoicing, payment, analytics and market insights and emerging trends.

MSP costs are based upon a percentage fee of spend. PeopleScout MSP offers two pricing models:


In a supplier-funded program, the suppliers pay a transaction fee to cover the cost of establishing, managing and operating the PeopleScout MSP program. There are no direct costs to the client, and it is 100% funded by the suppliers.


In a client-funded program, the client pays a fixed or variable fee to PeopleScout. Client-funded models often cost less overall than supplier-funded programs, boosting ROI through increased supplier adoption and faster, high-quality talent delivery.