Insights from the volume hiring market: Hire Quality vs Speed Webinar

We all know it’s a candidate’s market. But what can employers do to ensure they acquire talent fast without compromising on quality?

A lack of applications and number of suitable candidates, ghosting, dropouts, a high level of attrition are making hiring more difficult than ever.

In 2020/21 the customer services market saw a record number of vacancies. However, the number of active candidates per vacancy reduced by half. This has further highlighted the need for organisations to use innovative solutions to attract talent.

A recent poll run by PeopleScout asked participants what their biggest hiring challenges were in the current market.

  • 50% of candidates answered that they faced the most problems getting good quality candidates to apply.
  • 27% said that holding onto candidates throughout the hiring process was their second biggest challenge.

In addition, time-to-hire is also an issue that has been at the forefront for our clients. So, the question becomes, how do we accelerate the hiring process without jeopardising quality?

In the last 12 months PeopleScout have helped organisations such as Virgin Media, Lloyds Banking Group, the AA, and Heathrow to make 4000 new hires, ranging from graduates and apprentices through to customer service colleagues.

Our hiring success is a result of working in partnership with our clients, understanding their EVP and activating their employer brand. We bring to the partnership expert planners, designers, and implementation specialists who provide innovative strategies to recruit the right quality and volume of talent in the shortest timeframes.

Our panel for the Hire Speed vs Quality webinar consisted of speakers from PeopleScout, Virgin Media O2, easyJet, Shakespeare Martineau and the Call Centre Management Association. These experts discussed the challenging market situation and how innovation can provide solutions. The panel agreed that, taking greater precedence than ever before, is the need for more creative solutions to making the process smoother and quicker. This in turn ensures that the company’s investment in the candidate is not wasted.

A clear and informative job profile that brings the role to life can be the first step to finding the right candidate.

Once they apply, setting clear expectations and providing interventions to inform between recruitment stages keeps them engaged.A good employer value proposition (EVP) that brings company culture to life also helps the candidate understand early-on whether they want to remain part of the recruitment process or not.

Essential tools that are gaining traction include  day-in-the-life videos, virtual office tours and segmented and enhanced referral schemes. To watch the full webinar “Hire Quality vs Speed” and gain an edge in today’s challenging hiring market, click here