Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO)

High-Volume RPO Solution for International Hospitality Brand

An international hospitality brand and long standing client was experiencing growing pains after acquiring and integrating another hospitality brand into its organisation. The client needed to source, screen and hire an additional 20,000 candidates to staff positions in its newly acquired assets, on top of covering its historic hiring needs. PeopleScout deploys an RPO program agile enough to both seamlessly scale to size to absorb the increased hiring volume, and scale down during low demand hiring periods.

Scope and Scale

PeopleScout facilitates more than 57,000 hires annually, which includes an expansion of 20,000 hires due to an acquisition.

The client sought cost savings, standardised and robust compliance across the entire RPO programme, scalability and an innovative partner.

In 2017, the client completed the integration of the acquired brand, increasing the scope of RPO services by 50 percent while additionally adding the client’s Canadian hotels to PeopleScout’s RPO engagement.


This PeopleScout RPO hospitality client has management and hourly hiring needs in both corporate and in-market environments. Over the more than 10-year engagement, the client’s needs and the benefits provided by PeopleScout have evolved. At the start, the client had a segregated hiring process and engaged PeopleScout to streamline hiring processes and provide standardised and robust compliance across the entire recruiting front. More recently, the client acquired another large hospitality brand, and PeopleScout’s scalability proved to be the biggest asset, seamlessly taking on 20,000 hires in 2017.


  • Cost savings and compliance
  • Time-to-Fill Maintenance
  • Acquisition Performance
  • 90%+ Customer Satisfaction Ratings
  • Operational Excellence

PeopleScout seamlessly absorbed a 20,000 position hiring increase in 2017 and easily scaled its resource base to account for a 50 percent increase in the scope of services.

PeopleScout’s RPO program has proven scalability, which will continue to be an asset to the client.


PeopleScout’s effective management of operational recruiting allows the client to focus on its training, quality of workforce and employment brand.



Achieved cost savings as well as standardised and robust compliance across all of the client’s in-market locations.


Maintained an 84 percent time-to-fill SLA for in-market hires and a nearly 100 percent time-to-fill SLA for management hires.


Recruiting performance at the newly acquired locations approximates legacy locations only two months after the integration was complete.


Regularly exceeded customer satisfaction metrics for both in-market and management hires, consistently hitting more than 90 percent.


Achieved nearly 100 percent on consistency SLAs due to highly structured operations at PeopleScout global delivery centers.