Join The Resourcing Revolution

Join The Resourcing Revolution

At its core, the Resourcing Revolution is the transformation of critical processes to deliver resilient hiring for the future. The best in class will be nimble yet disciplined to deliver innovative candidate attraction, complex data mining using integrated tools and flexibility in hiring practices.

What The Resourcing Revolution Means To You

It’s a candidate market, and great candidates can absolutely pick and choose at the moment. So what can you do to get ahead and get that advantage to make sure that you fulfill your hiring needs?

Well surprisingly, what lots of organisations haven’t done is to really rip up the rule book, and to revolutionise their recruitment processes. Candidate experience is still poor. A recent survey showed that 95% of candidates – didn’t rate their candidate experience as excellent. Right now, businesses have an opportunity to review what they have been doing from the bottom up. From attraction and branding, through to the entire candidate journey.

From our audit of over 30 organisations, we’ve identified more than 200 specific interventions which companies are now bringing into play – and it’s drastically helping to streamline and speed up their recruitment processes.


In our recent poll, 50% said they will be reviewing their candidate experience in response to the Resourcing Revolution. With 33% saying speed of hiring will be next on the list.

This isn’t a surprise, as a candidate driven market is the most significant change we have seen in recruitment, applicants hold more power then ever before. So the journey you take them through, and the speed at which you do it has never mattered more.

There are 22 touch points along the candidate journey, how many are you mastering?