Do you need to recruit in-volume at short notice?

We are a flexible RPO provider for small contracts – when you are looking to get the best people into your organisation quickly, or for managing selective elements of your recruiting process.

What’s all the noise about Tactical RPO?

We recently polled EMEA HR Leaders, to find out more about reaching hiring objectives.

The most important factors (in reaching hiring objectives) were selected as: candidate experience and quality of hire. Surprisingly, cost of hire comes in 9th out of 10 options.

We asked authoritative analyst Nikki Edwards to comment. Her response was ‘Based on NelsonHall’s 2020 “Evolution of RPO: Meeting Hiring Needs for the Workplace of the 2020s” research, first-generation buyers prioritize cost savings as the main reason for outsourcing. In contrast, the more mature buyer did not even mention cost in their top ten priorities. In 2021, in the post-pandemic recovery period, organizations are more cost-conscious, so I expect cost savings to rise in the ranks somewhat. However, adapting to the new era of work, tackling skills shortages, and leveraging tech to enhance the candidate experience will still be of greater priority.’

How are these factors best delivered?

In our poll, most leaders felt that In house deliver better candidate experience, lowest cost per hire, better D&I outcomes and offer the easiest processes to adapt. But these were all, only delivered well, sometimes.
RPO delivered better on: quality of hire, speed of hire, future-proof tech and superior candidate generation. These were delivered sometimes or always better than Inhouse.

What does this mean?

The poll shows unsurprisingly that there isn’t an outright winner in delivering to hiring objectives. A mix of inhouse and RPO solution should reach most objectives, which means building a solid recruiting team with clear objectives and having a tactical relationship with a flexible RPO provider. And, whilst organisations new to RPO start by looking at cost reduction, mature users see RPO as a way to deliver to all of their hiring objectives.

The best quality of hire, great candidate experience, on-point delivery of employer brand and better D and I outcomes are only delivered by those most passionate, experienced, astute and flexible. We are pleased to work tactically with inhouse teams to deliver to all of these objectives.

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