‘Stretch your HR thinking’ – With David Fairhurst and Robert Peasnell

David Fairhurst is well known as an innovative HR leader and entertaining speaker. He was formerly Global Chief People Officer for McDonalds, one of the largest employers in the world, with 2 million employees covering over 120 countries. He has held HR leadership positions at many of the top global organisations including Heinz, GSK and Tesco.  David is the founder of Orgshakers (Orgshakers.com), helping businesses shape their organisations to achieve short-term performance as well as long-term organisational health.

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  • How to navigate change and create organisational readiness.
  •  The importance of being brave in Employer Brand and EVP innovation
  •  Understanding the cultural context for HR in other countries
  • How HR messaging can change organisational behaviour
  •  The need to use tech to disrupt the market and win the best talent
  • How to make an impact in communities
  •  The likely fundamental shifts after lock–down