Urgent and Important…..and why NOW – By Sian Blurton, Client Relationship Director

I am sure like me , many people watched the documentary on Monday with Davina McCall – “Sex , Mind and The Menopause” . 

There is currently so much work being done to #removethetaboo , support women in the workplace , and gain a little understanding around WHY 900,000 women are feeling so overwhelmed, they will leave the workplace. 

The below is a great read , to add context to a problem women have been dealing with and managing for years and has always been around……so why NOW ?

This article , explains why it is being talked about so much NOW , some of the impacts for not only women , but employers also – Both personal and professional and what needs to be done to educate and support 

If you don’t read for yourself – read for your Mothers , Sisters , Daughters and Friends. Together we can drive a positive change . Women , you are NOT alone