Driving Recruitment Innovation by Collaborating with Suppliers

By Rachel Harris, Head of Marketing EMEA & APAC

I recently read an article on the CIPS website about Thales, an aerospace company. In the piece, Roque Carmona, Group Chief Procurement Officer at Thales, explained that ‘66% of innovation for Thales customers come from their suppliers’. As a completely customer-focused organisation, Thales has not only seen the value in ‘two heads are better than one’, but they are prepared to speak up about it.

I’m a firm believer that the best business results come from a collaborative approach, where your solutions acquire exponential value as the insights, experience, and resources from supplier organisations feed into your customer-centric strategy.

Of course, RPO was initially developed to outsource hiring during critical business growth phases. But now it has become so much more.

By working across companies, industries, and regions the value of RPO is finally being recognised; not as a quick-fix to hiring, but for the expertise, knowledge and experience that only a global leader with many SMEs in resourcing can provide.

It’s a critical time for HR. The teams that saw us through the pandemic, the people who ensured we could work effectively from home, the leaders who took on-board our well-being during isolation, and then managed redundancies at the start, followed by filling the gaps on our return to the offices—have been burning the midnight oil. And now to fan the HR fire, recession is on the horizon.

In this environment, it’s more critical than ever to collaborate on innovation with your suppliers; to learn from each other, to build better value into solutions and find future-proof processes to ensure that our businesses grow.  

Post by Rachel Harris