Talking Talent: How RPO Can Solve the Top Challenges in Healthcare Talent Acquisition

In this episode of Talking Talent, we discuss how RPO can solve the top challenges in healthcare talent acquisition.

The Bureau of Labour Statistics projects that healthcare occupations in the U.S. will grow 18 percent between 2016 and 2026. With this growth and staffing shortages that are already common in the industry, healthcare organisations face new challenges sourcing, recruiting and retaining top talent. To cope, healthcare organisations are increasingly turning to RPO providers that can act as an extension of a healthcare organisation’s HR department to source and hire top talent.

At PeopleScout, we’ve recently expanded our healthcare solutions to help clients compete more effectively in the intensifying race for healthcare talent.
As part of this expansion, Brett Bryner joined the PeopleScout team. Brett is our healthcare workforce leaders who brings decades of insight-driven strategy and talent intelligence. Brett creates customised solutions for both clinical and non-clinical healthcare talent acquisition needs that support full-cycle, partial-cycle, project-based and total workforce engagements. In this episode, he talks about the top challenges in healthcare talent acquisition and the specific ways an RPO provider can help.

In this episode, Brett shares expertise about topics including:

  • Employee turnover
  • Talent shortages
  • HR Technology
  • Candidate Expectations
  • And more