Transport for Wales: Achieving 90% Candidate Satisfaction with Scalable Project RPO

Transport for Wales was created in 2018 to drive forward the Welsh Government’s vision for a high quality, safe, integrated, affordable and accessible transport network that the people of Wales would be proud of. As a new rail franchise operator, their initial focus was to grow at speed, recruiting 50 key staff within challenging timescales, in preparation for a rail franchise switch over.


  • Flexible and scalable recruitment support
  • Experience senior recruiter on-site
  • Seamless and branded communcation between hiring managers and candidates
  • Expertise in strategic sourcing for all levels of industry roles


The organisational structure for Transport for Wales was still being defined by the senior leadership team, whilst the requirement to recruit functional leaders, transport and engineering professionals was building expansion and delivery timescales for a fully integrated travel system. As a newly created organisation, without an existing brand presence and with limited recruitment expertise and technology, Transport for Wales required an experienced recruiter to work at speed with their hiring managers, someone who could quickly understand the diverse hiring needs of the organisation and communities.


The recruitment expert would help shape the Transport for Wales solution whilst engaging with hiring managers. The immediate challenge was to support the in-house team
as well as providing an end to end briefing to offer service.


PeopleScout consulted with Transport for Wales and agreed that flexible, on-demand support was needed, to act as an extension of the in-house HR team. We created a strategy and process to swiftly start recruiting key hires. A unique service model was created providing an on-site recruiter with industry experience who could consult and provide solutions to market challenges.The focus for this recruiter was to support recruitment priorities and make key hires within restrictive timelines. They also needed to consult with the hiring community and promote engagement and understanding of recruitment best practice. Alongside this, regular updates and insights were provided.


• 95% offer fulfilment across all levels of roles
• 90% satisfaction from candidate surveys
• Rapid identification and hiring of specialist hires
• Retention of control over fees and budgets
• Reduction in time on recruitment by hiring managers
• Talent pools created for future hiring
• Developed and refined recruitment strategy

PeopleScout have been excellent in the delivery of the recruitment services into Transport For Wales. They are transparent, hard-working and qualitatively focused. All of the team in Bristol have been dedicated to our growth ambition and have represented our brand well to external candidates. I am delighted to work with the whole team as we share our continued success with our partners.