Openreach: Helping Thousands of Engineers Fall in Love with Video Interviews

Openreach’s engineers build the communications network that connects millions of homes and businesses across the UK. They needed nothing short of 1200 Trainee Engineers
in a number of major cities to join their development scheme, all while overhauling their video interview process at the same time.


  • New visual guide for interview process
  • Integrated multi-platform content
  • New feedback form based on key insights


Openreach’s expanding network and customer base of 32 million people made for significant recruitment numbers. Their ambitious target of 1200 new Trainee Engineers was split across the country and concentrated around key metropolitan areas like London.


The challenge we faced was in the recruitment process itself. Every candidate needed to complete a video interview as part of their application – with an average completion rate of 55%, it was clear the existing content wasn’t engaging the candidate pool effectively.


Improving the candidate experience was therefore essential. Our aim was to break down preconceptions of video interviews, better informing candidates and giving them confidence in the process. Working closely with the Recruitment Delivery team, a visual guide was produced. The cross-team collaboration was vital to the project’s success, combining a wide range of knowledge and expertise. On top of this, the content was rooted in candidate feedback received by our recruitment coordinators.


The improvements were immediate. In the month that followed the guide’s publication, interview completion rose to 71%, up 16% overall. The pass rate significantly increased
as well, rising from 39% to 47%, along with improvements in approximate page views over the same period. All of this represented a breakthrough and victory for Openreach, and the quantitative data was complimented by candidate feedback: 100% of survey responses were positive, with 95% of responders rating the guide ‘very helpful’, the highest score available.