Seven Tech Trends Shaping the Talent Landscape

Technology is transforming every industry, and innovations are impacting every facet of the talent acquisition industry. Chatbots have gone from an interesting novelty to a method of conducting interviews. Driverless cars once seemed improbable, but their inevitability is already building a new class of in-demand candidate. Candidates are more connected than ever before, and that has changed their expectations when it comes to their job search. They expect to be able to complete the entire application process on mobile devices, and they expect it to be fast. Smart companies need to stay on top of the trends and make changes at the right time.

In this ebook, Seven Tech Trends Shaping the Talent Landscape, learn the most important tech trends impacting the talent acquisition industry from deep learning to the Internet of Things. With the vast landscape of new technologies, we evaluate the question of when to buy in to the latest trends to minimise risk and stay ahead of the competition.

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