Discussing the Future of RPO: Interview with Jon Porter

Personnel Today spoke to our UK Managing Director Jon Porter, about the services we provide worldwide and the future of RPO.

Jon, what is the future for talent technology and how will it affect organisations?

Our research shows that talent technology will continue to evolve and, mainly through automation, improve efficiencies in the near future. At PeopleScout, we use technology to enhance a seamless employer brand-based recruitment process, benefitting both the employer and candidates.

We focus on four specific areas; artificial intelligence, video solutions, automation tools and predictive analytics. We believe that employers who want to achieve a competitive advantage in the talent market need to be engaged with one or more of these in 2019 and beyond.

How will AI and automation create efficiencies in RPO?

We’ve been working hard with improved predictive assessment tools to enhance selection outcomes – more great hires – whilst upgrading the candidate experience through a timelier process.

Key technologies that we are developing include robotic process automation (RPA). Bots will be used to manage a range of tasks and interactions with candidates, allowing recruiters and HR managers more time to spend on other critical tasks. RPA and chatbots for example, will enable organisations to offer a highly responsive and engaging candidate experience by eliminating the downtime between a candidate submitting an application and receiving a response from the recruiter.

RPA and chatbots will help organisations to reliably engage and communicate with candidates. This technology will trigger the collection of real-time data throughout candidate communications. For example, recruiters will be able to program bots to generate emails, to solicit feedback or short surveys, as candidates progress through the process.

How can new-to-market companies use RPO to meet their objectives?

By definition, an RPO provider has significant hiring experience and capability and can support recruitment at all levels using proven tools and techniques that younger companies cannot afford as they invest in the growth and development of the business.

Over a longer period of time, we work with these companies to optimise their hiring process and decrease attrition. It’s important to remember that leveraging expertise in these markets and sectors builds a strong recruitment program when labour markets are tight.

We would encourage organisations to work with RPO suppliers who use cutting edge technology to enable them to build a successful talent ecosystem within their business. Talent professionals can then focus on retention, up-skilling and other HR related needs that would otherwise be side-lined by the recruitment process.

What makes PeopleScout different to other RPO providers?

PeopleScout UK offers a Total Talent Solution combining our RPO expertise with our strong employer brand building and creative heritage. We know from our years of experience just how important the entire candidate journey is and how to attract the hardest to find talent.

We have talent consulting capabilities which include a team of occupational psychologists that not only look at the drivers of top performance but also design selection tools to identify these candidates. Alongside this we have the proven ability to develop pipelines which meet our client’s needs whilst having a deep understanding that each of their objectives are different and complex.

PeopleScout provides 16% of the world’s RPO hires and the experience and knowledge that this brings is available in the UK, right here, right now.